Women are jewels: The vision

Women are jewels, created with special features to do special things for a change.
The time has come for women to see what is the problem around them that need to be solve.
As a woman, you should have a vision that is what you want to see happening in your life in 10 years to come.
Defining your vision is the starting point of your success .
For the fact that you’re a mother doesn’t stop you to become who you want to become.
Nothing can limit a man except you want to be limited.

For you thrive in vision , you need these basic life skills. Which are:
-self knowledge skills : that is to know who you are ,who you can become, where you belong and how you can excel in life;
-Work skills;
-Problem solving skills: learn about your right
-Communication skills: this one is so important;
-Relationship skills: how to get along with others, respect their individualities and strengths, as well as understanding their weaknesses and needs;
-Money managing skills: That is to be able to do simple maths, but handle money, budget, spend and save wisely.



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